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The Story

In an alternate universe where history collides with modern retail, a band of Aztec warriors finds itself commandeering a contemporary supermarket, turning it into a peculiar fusion of ancient tradition and aisle 5.

Dawn's Light on Aisle One

Their day kicks off at the break of dawn, with a ceremonial tribute to the sun god, performed in front of the automatic sliding doors to catch the first rays of light. The ritual involves intricate dances around the shopping carts, chanting praises and offers of loyalty cards to the celestial beings.

Foraging and Feasting

Breakfast is an adventurous foray into the cereal aisle, where they consult the spirits via the nutrition labels to choose the most fortified cereals. Their ancient warrior training is put to the test in the quest for the perfect avocado, involving acrobatic leaps past unsuspecting shoppers and scaling the shelves without knocking over the pyramid of canned beans.

Midday Mayhem

Lunchtime is heralded by a conch shell blown from the deli counter, summoning all to a communal feast prepared in the bakery section. They bake tortillas on the hot surfaces of deli grills, turning the supermarket into a smoky, aromatic banquet hall. The warriors, using leaf blowers as makeshift wind instruments, provide a haunting soundtrack to their midday meal.

Afternoon Antics

The afternoons are dedicated to training and entertainment. Aisle 7 becomes a jousting lane, with warriors riding atop shopping carts, wielding baguettes as lances. The winner gets the honor of drinking the sacred chocolate milk straight from the carton, a modern potion of strength.

Evening Enlightenment

As night falls, the warriors gather in the frozen foods section, meditating in the chilly air to attain higher states of consciousness, occasionally interrupted by the automatic defrost cycle. They share tales of their day, mixing ancient lore with the gossip from the checkout lines, finding profound wisdom in weekly specials.

Closing Ceremony

The day ends with a grand ceremony in the parking lot, where they attempt to appease the rain gods by washing cars with a mix of ceremonial herbs and soap. They dance around the shopping cart corral, hoping to ensure a bountiful harvest of loyalty points for the morrow. In this bizarre coalescence of worlds, our Aztec warriors thrive, their ancient customs bizarrely intertwined with the rituals of retail, creating a spectacle of history run amok in the most delightful way.

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